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brine-free seawater treatment



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we turn seawater into drinking water

Even though our planet is covered with water, the UN estimates that by 2030 half of the world's population won’t have access to clean water. 


So, to supply the world with clean water, we must find new, more sustainable, and cost-efficient ways to treat seawater, harnessing the power of the oceans for our planet's well-being and the survival of mankind.

In BSW we do seawater and heavy metals water magnetic treatment by taking water from the ocean and turning it into drinking water, providing entire communities with potable water even in the toughest, remotest environment.


Our magnetic technology is chemical-free, and chlorine-free, which makes it entirely safe for the ocean and the reef. 

No matter how difficult your water is, or if it's contaminated with heavy metals, arsenic, mercury, lead, iron, cyanobacteria, ammonia, or manganese, we can transform it into high-quality water in only a few hours of the process. 

BUT HOW DO WE DO IT? We are proud to say we are the only company in the world doing chemical-free seawater treatment through the use of applied magnetism and low-pressure ultrafiltration technologies. We then disinfect, purify and alkalize water. Our patent-pending seawater treatment system is modular, portable, saves tons of energy and is easy to install and operate. You'll have purified drinking water right away!

Patent No. WO2013162346 Mexican Office of Intellectual Property.

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inhibits and removes scale



fits all pipe sizes and types


no power source required


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The video above shows a Seawater Disalination Plant that treats 132,000 gallons/day (500,000 Lts/day) of seawater to potable. Through the use of magnetic conditioners, we prevent membrane technology in Reverse Osmosis from clogging,  achieving perfect efficiency and meeting all government water regulations and norms. The solution BSW offers delivers substantial monthly savings by cutting off chemical consumable expenditure, electricity bills and overall water treatment operation and maintenance costs. (Mobile view unsupported)

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