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BAJA SUSTAINABLE WATER focuses on three main technologies to treat water sustainably: magnetic seawater treatment, sludge-free wastewater treatment, and ultrasonic water conservation. Our solutions operate 24/7 off-grid, don't need consumables and are ocean safe. 

Since traditional methods of desalination and wastewater treatment have proven to be inefficient, expensive, and very harmful to the environment, our commitment is to provide new methods to produce freshwater in ways that reduce energy consumption, cut methane emissions, and remove harmful chemicals from the process. 

We are an innovative company that offers cutting-edge alternatives for real estate developers, industrial complexes, homeowners, business owners, farmers and growers, to help them become truly sustainable and self-sufficient in their water-production process. Our solutions are especially demanded by remote, off-grid areas that lack water, electricity and sanitation services.

After an exhaustive diagnosis of our clients' water needs, we design scalable, solar-powered, modular, efficient water treatment plants that recover wastewater, save energy, lack consumable expenditure and significantly reduce operating costs, such as maintenance fees, general storage expenses, and sewerage infrastructure expenses.

BAJA SUSTAINABLE WATER offers a complete diagnosis through exhaustive field analysis, the seizing of existing resources and a careful selection of world-class equipment suppliers. Our after-sales service team constantly ensures that the needs for clean freshwater is fully met.

In addition to the design of comprehensive projects in water treatment, we calculate, sell, install and guarantee the best pumping, valving, and automation systems available on the market at very competitive prices.


We are focused on developing thoroughly sustainable solutions for wastewater and seawater treatment, water conservation and water management. Our goal is to provide the cleanest and safest water possible for our environment, producing more clean water with the least possible waste.


Changing the world one drop at a time:


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